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The 2021-2022 STEM/STEAM Class

Career Focus: Transportation


35 weeks of hands-on STEM/STEAM activities

Module 1: Introduction to STEM (scientists, culture & methods) - S,T,E,A,M

Module 2: The Future & Career Opportunities In Transportation 

Module 3: Road Trip  

Module 4: Product Delivery  

Module 5: Gridlock Buster Traffic Control Game-

Module 6. Modes Of Transportation

Module 7. Introduction to GPS-GIS

Module 8. Inflated Tire Safety

Module 9. Transportation Maintenance

Module 10. Bikeology Pt 1& Pt 2

Module 11. Circles, Arc, and Tangents: The Geometry of Our Roadways

Module 12. Round about vs All-Way_Stop-Controlled Intersections

Module 13. Transportation Trends & Technologies

Module 14. Safety Benefits of Autonomous Driving Exercise

Module 15:  Dinosaur Polo Games

Module 16: Alternative Fuels

Module 17: Alternative Power, Energy & Fuels

Module 18. CDL Exploration

Module 19. Different Bicycles for Different Needs 

Module 20. Flight 101

Module 21. Graphical Linear Programming ....READ MORE

Girl Looking into Distance

COPE 4 LIFE is a cognitive behavioral program designed around the Trans-Theoretical Approach Model which uses variables to help change behaviors by measuring the processes or stages that a person moves through life.


The George L Cannon II House of H.O.P.E. has a 12-week workshop for youth ages 13-19 yrs old... READ MORE

GLC II House of H.O.P.E.  Etiquette and Leadership  Training with Stephanie Daniels is fantastic!!! Stephanie teaches our youth to have good manners and excellent interpersonal skills that will allow them to be successful in life. This character education and personal development program provide social etiquette training which helps build self-confidence and respect for others. Our teen classes are designed to be both fun and educational. Our youth will leave with the ability to handle themselves in any... READ MORE


GLC II House of H.O.P.E.  Job Readiness Program teaches teenagers how to complete cover letters, resumes, and a variety of other must-have skills that they will need to succeed at whatever career path they choose.  READ MORE

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