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GLC II House of H.O.P.E.  Etiquette and Leadership  Training with Stephanie Daniels is amazing !!! Stephanie teaches our youth to have good manners and great interpersonal skills that will allow them to be successful in life. This character education and personal development program provides social etiquette training which helps  build self-confidence and respect for others. our teen classes are designed to be both fun and educational. Our youth will leave with the ability to handle themselves in any social setting with confidence,poise and grace. We believe implementing proper etiquette skills in everyday life should be a habit for everyone-including adolescents.


Teen Etiquette and Leadership Training 

3 weeks on Saturday training program:


 * Introducing Yourself to Others

 * Good Conversational Skills

 * Proper Table Manners

 * Dining Skills Formal & Informal

 * Table Setting 

 * Fashion/Looking your Best/Skin Care

 * Poise , Posture & Body Language

 * Telephone Etiquette- Cell Phone Manners

 * Good Manners at Home and in Public and more....


Certificate of Completion Award and Dinner

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